How To Make Balloons Last Longer at Your Event

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Now, your balloons can last your entire event. But how?

You have ordered custom balloons, but now are unsure if they will last the full duration of your event.

With a few smart tips, and the help of a professional custom printer like CSA Balloons, your balloons will last as long as a month!

Use Hi-Float with Helium-Filled Balloons

Custom printed balloonsHi-Float is a plastic material that is dissolved in water. It is a balloon treatment that is often used to increase the floating time of helium balloons.

Hi-Float is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-corrosive, non-flammable and, to benefit our environment, biodegradable. The Hi-Float makers claim that, “It is similar to the glue on the back of postage stamps.”

Hi-Float, which is a thick liquid injected into balloons, coats the inside of the latex balloon. This can greatly increase floating time. Latex balloons that are filled with helium float twenty-five times longer with Ultra Hi-Float, and latex balloons that are filled with air maintain their largest size for over one month.

Using Ultra Hi-Float also allows you to prepare your balloon decorations the day before your event, helping you to avoid last-minute decorating and unnecessary stress.

CSA Balloons provides Hi-Float as a part of some of our packages, and as a separate balloon accessory. We are confident that Hi-Float will suit all your needs. Contact us for more information.

Regulating the Temperature of Balloon Inflation and Display

Having the temperature of the place where your balloons are kept change substantially between where they are inflated and where they are displayed can decrease the longevity of your balloons.

Additionally, even while using Hi-Float, if balloons are not kept in a climate controlled location, they may not float for an extended time.

How to Regulate Cold

personalized logo balloonsWhen it is very cold outside, the molecules inside the balloon shrivel, and the balloon loses its air. You are then left with the problem of having your balloon lacking air much sooner than you had anticipated. This is a problem that affects both air-filled and helium-filled balloons.

To avoid this untimely fate, what is suggested is to inflate your balloons in an area or place with roughly the same temperature as where the balloons are going to be displayed. In doing this, the balloon is regulated and the air or helium withstands the colder weather.

For example, when CSA Balloons inflated balloons for winter parades, they inflate them in a rented truck with no heat adjacent to the parade route. This is so that the balloon’s temperature is equivalent to the one outside, where it will be displayed.

How to Regulate Heat

When it is very hot outside, the molecules inside balloons that are air or helium-filled expand. This causes the balloon to burst, since too much air or helium is now inside the balloon. This would leave you running out of your promotional item much faster than you had anticipated.

As is mentioned for cold, regulating the temperature at which your balloons are inflated and at which they are displayed helps to prevent both the cold and the heat issues.

An example of this is when CSA Balloons printed the Juste pour rire summer festival’s custom logo balloons. The balloons were inflated in a tent very near to the festival where the temperature was the same as the one outside.

The Value of a Custom Printer

CSA Balloons can not only create for your business beautiful personalized balloons, but also ensure that these balloons float for as long as you wish.

A leading North-American custom printer thanks to their professionalism and outstanding quality, trust CSA Balloons to not only deliver stunning balloons, but a chance to grow your business and experience support and incredible service.

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