The 12 Balloons of Christmas

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At CSA Balloons we offer many different types of balloons for our clients. During this Holiday season, custom printed balloons are the perfect marketing and decoration solution for any festive business event.

Here is the list of our 12 balloons of Christmas: 

Custom Mylar Balloons1- Round Mylar

Round mylar balloons are made of foil. They are recyclable, and non-allergenic. They come in various different colors, and their shining exteriors make them festive, perfect for the season!

2- Star-shaped Mylar

These mylar foil balloons are in the shape of a star, which makes them perfect for any holiday event. They bring an extra bit of cheer to the occasion!

3-  Heart-shaped Mylar

In the shape of the symbol of love, these balloons are perfect for romantic Christmas parties or even for a Valentine’s Day get-together. Show your company’s warmth with these heart-shaped balloons.

4- 12-Inch Standard Latex

Latex is a perfect choice for any occasion. It is lightweight, long-lasting and biodegradable. Customize it with CSA Balloons.

5- 12-Inch Crystal Latex

Just like normal latex… except better. It shines, just like the joy of the holiday season.

Custom Latex Balloons6- 12-Inch Metallic Latex

Customize your latex balloons with this reflective and bright finish, bringing cheer to your company’s event.

7- 16-inch Latex

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me… 16-inch latex balloons ideal for any event!

8- 17-inch Latex

Just like 16-inch latex balloons, except an extra inch for extra Holiday cheer!



9- 36-inch Latex

Bigger and better than ever, these balloons are perfect to spice up a company holiday party, or to gift to clients.

Custom balloon decor

10- Custom Photo Balloon

This balloon is perfect as a gift for coworkers, a boss, or even for family members. What better way to express your affection than to gift something as joyful as a balloon with a cherished memory framed on it?

11- 2-sided Imprint Custom Balloon

With two sides, this balloon is ideal when you have just a bit more to say or show during the Holiday season. Customize it any way you like.

12- Top Printed Custom Balloon

Exclusive to CSA Balloons, this balloon is perfect for your holiday custom balloon decorations. 


CSA Balloons provides top-quality custom balloons for all the days of Christmas no matter the occasion; from company events to personalized gifts. Choose CSA Balloons this holiday season and throughout the new year!

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