3 Event Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

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The event industry has undergone an interesting transformation over the past years. From the safety issues relating to the pandemic, to a major shift in societal attitudes, the industry has had to adapt, and fast! 

As we are headed toward 2023, industry predictions are optimistic, and companies like Knowland, forecast that the industry will be back to 100% by the end of 2023. 

A little too optimistic? Perhaps. 

However, it is certain that the industry is in fact growing and adapting to today’s world. 

Here are 3 event trends to watch out for in 2023. 

1. The Future’s In-Person

People are craving being together and having an experience that is not possible to have online. That being said, a large number of people are still very concerned about sanitary measures. For this reason, the in-person events of 2023 will most likely continue to highlight safety measures such as providing hand sanitizer and event organizers will continue to opt for venues that have enough space to allow for social distancing. 

Besides safety, in-person events will also aim to provide an experience to attendees that could never be reproduced virtually. Event attendees will be looking to have a transformative experience and meaningful connections.

2. Micro-Events Will Be a New Staple in the Industry

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Back in 2020 and 2021, scaling-back was the only way to safely, and sometimes legally, organize an event. 

In 2023, micro-events will continue to be popular, and, in most cases, even preferred over large scale events. 

3 factors contribute to this: 

  • Micro-events make it easier to apply safety measures
  • Micro-events pose a smaller financial risk 
  • Micro-events make it more possible for attendees to make meaningful connections with other event participants 

Also, because micro-events pose a smaller financial risk, they can take place more often. Organizations used to invest in one large yearly event. However, with the same or sometimes even a smaller budget, organizations can afford to hold several micro-events throughout the year.

3. Event Organizers Will Focus on Greener Initiatives

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A major shift in societal attitude requires the event industry players to find new and effective ways to make their events as environmentally friendly as possible. 

As a major player in the global economy, being responsible for billions of dollars’ worth of income,  adopting greener initiatives will allow the event industry to make a real positive difference in the world.

The past years caused changes that compelled event organizers to adapt rapidly. The industry certainly took a hit, but it managed to stay afloat and is quickly growing back into a strong economic player.

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